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The 26th 南京新茶外卖chapter

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Grind Pi of language of the leaf after brook a surname goes is true be asleeping, unexpected telephone call rang, make a noise so that she headaches. "Who ah? Make a noise dead. " " is foliaceous young lady? I am Li Ji, I had done the thing that you allow severe home of my keep an eye on, what does foliaceous young lady still have to want entrust. " mood of Xie Yu Pi is too poor, be being disturbed to sleep is a very irritated thing " it is good to had done, I can seek your job the person does a good turn, remember those who tell them who is helped not be other to do to moment marry the garment. Had better have done, do bad that I can help you also can destroy you. " Xie Yu Pi hanged a phone to be caught on the bed mad " enrage me dead, sleep become aware not disappear stops. " " who calls? The tone that listens to you is quite big still. " " there is lawsuit in the friend home previously, look for me to help, also let him give me dot help incidentally. " " look rarely you and the friend is contacted before. " " pay no attention to me. I sleep again meeting, you buy a meal to take me casually in the evening. " Xie Yu Pi did a gesticulation that cast off to sleep again.

Na Gongxiao and Du Reran are in all the time originally the dormitory, na Gongxiao received vamoose of a phone later, du Reran concern is ch南京夜网梧桐客栈ased ask " how, is like this urgent? " " have an accident in the home, I hurried back, occupied phone connection. " " fasten anxious, the caution on the road is nodded. " Na Gongxiao arrived to take a car to leave downstairs come home, 2 elder brother just call when saying the Gong Yi austral eldest brother takes up the post of Wu, had an accident to be in a hospital now, the grandfather still does not know to let her go back take care of good grandfather, age of a respectful form of address for an old person became old be overcome exciting. Na Gongxiao visits eldest brother to the hospital first, na Gongxiao greets sb with father first,南京建邺区会所推荐 palace father is the brigade commander with outstanding battle achievement south, experienced the thing of how many, the body of bank 南京珠江镇spa会所AHof his that Wei appears because of afraid Na Gongyi now some vicissitudes of life, what it is thus clear that he hurts is multiple. Palace father sees young daughter came south " Xiao Xiao came, there are us here, you go back to live firmly first your grandfather. " " I know pa, I want to visit eldest brother. " south palace father shakes shake one's head " several hours. " " father eldest brother can do not have a thing, you are at ease. You notice the dot fastened him to topple. " south palace father is low head went at corridor.

Beside Na Gongxiao runs to Na Gongjue " 2 elder brother, eldest brother how? " " this paragraph of time is becoming eldest brother all the time special mission, do in sinister gang lie the bottom is discovered, the person inside should kill eldest brother, fortunately somebody will saved eldest brother to just stay at a heat. Wind two bullet, how to still know now? The grandfather still does not know particular case, we dare not say is fracture, do not frighten a grandfather beside the grandfather. " " elder brother, I knew, I go back now, what circumstance tells me. " " hum, you go back, mom also is overcome, patronize the person in good home. " " I know elder brother, you also value father. I go back first. I go back first..

Na Gongxiao drove to be answered directly south palace home, the family member opens an entrance door, na Gongxiao sees a sitting room upstairs go without the person, mom is in grandfather of study for company, the Na Gongxiao that the grandfather sees a doorway " Xiao Xiao came back, fast tell a grandfather your eldest brother how? " some are embarrassed on Na Gongxiao face " grandfather, eldest brother double shank was folded, when I go, the operation has not ended, 2 elder brother are in, let me come back to see a grandfather first. You say the grandfather eldest brother got hurt father does not say to look, 2 elder brother call father, father says occupied still said 2 elder brother in the past later. You say the grandfather father is right eldest brother how such. " Na Gongxiao bends over to go up in the grandfather's leg, if do not want to make a grandfather afraid can take his pa to say a thing only, pay no attention to even father nature with respect to the problem not quite. Although Na Gongxiao is lying also be to feel distressed when eldest brother tear brushs to fall down really however. "Good child, the grandfather knows you feel distressed your eldest brother, do not cry, wait for your pa to come back the grandfather says him well. " " pa, I say ease do not have much important matter, you are oversensitive. " " fracture also is not bagatelle, raising move general to come well also is a serious illness, thin bamboo, tell penannular jade ring to take good care of your elder brother. Be no good turn courtyard cure does not leave sequela. " " 2 elder brother can have been handled. Mom, I am hungry, come back to had not had a meal, can I take the side that you play with one's own hands? " " good, you had taken care of your grandfather in this, mom is done to you. " " thank mom. " south palace mom is dignified atmosphere, although still be disturbed in the heart, there also is smile on the face.

"Grandfather, does Xiao Xiao want to ask you some of thing? " " know you do not have your Mom call away meddlesome, with respect to us two. " " grandfather, you say is me elder brothers favorite snatched, when I am enjoying the life they can be only however in a heil of bullets seek to live on. Grandfather, why can you support choice law? " " if Xiao Xiao is to mix your elder brother is euqally adventruous, the grandfather meets those who consider your father offer. But our Xiao Xiao is a princess as a child, that grandfather helps Xiao Xiao fulfil a wish. The Sun Er that says the grandfat南京200——400的场子汇总her also does not think him again goes out to make danger. " " grandfather, the force defend that Xiao Xiao can resemble father and elder brother brother using his we are familial. " " foolish the child. You are the grandfather's pride. " grandfather of the palace austral Na Gongxiao's clever side beats a back, the station is in south at the back of palace grandfather, look so not her insecurity, she fears the elder brother has an accident, fear the family member cannot bear outstanding elder brother is weighed, she wants aplomb. Palace mom does good side to call a daughter to come down to eat south, him grandfather stays in the room to read a book, although south what didn't palace grandfather say to this matter, but to one once gallopped the soldier of battlefield, what can judge accident situation is serious, the person that just comes out from danger sopt knows now also is do what one can only listen to destiny.

The life is poor and common originally, everybody has him to want to face, you can feel the day seems occasionally should collapse came down, the black clouds of all over the sky, wind is in howl, thunderstorm bend basin and below, the Campagna with big Nuo becomes marsh in an instant, jump over defect deeper. You do not know what to still can produce, hesitate in you acedia when what can you see, the endless flow call of life you, still the sun shines again after rain, beautiful be like wind. The old building of those bend decadent, sere forest, circle the falcon in the sky, the miserable cry of Bei date, can you hear the cry of new student baby?

Xie Yu Pi is in the life of the school is downwind downstream, xie Yuchen is in charge of her without time now, she also feels comfortable. Handle the issue of academic school, oneself are opening the elder brother's car to stroll outside, buck of a new-blown sta南京200——400的场子汇总r sees on the road, go in look, called a cup of black Ga to sit on the chair to brush a mobile phone. "Lady, your coffee. " service personnel coffee put away, it is OK still that Xie Yu Pi drank a feeling, wanting to be able to drink afternoon tea together with the elder brother next time. When going, Xie Yu Pi is to want to bale one cup brings Xie Yuchen, next time good let him entertain guests, just see severe the rank of nobility and people sat a little while more together.

The other side walked along Xie Yu Pi to just come over to greet sb. "Did not think of to be able to see you here really, you very meeting deal, be turned all round by what you circle on. " " mock me? Look not to come out you are very clear the knack inside this. " " how to meet, it is compliment obviously. Do not calculate going up is clear, the friend has handed in me to know simply a few. Say my father is occupied again the case be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears of those commercial issue that do not have a thing to be able to say him also can know a few. Does the word say to have with your ability had wanted to do poineering work independently? I feel you are possible. " " as expected, this is not a world that has get one's own back hard, really. I once had talked about this problem with Na Ye, want to pull him originally, he refused. Although encountered the person of a few have a common goal, but cannot come true inside short time. Return afoot. You so ask me, be to there is this idea? " " NO. I just do not want, do female strong person much more uninteresting ah! I still have or else benefit the elder brother that Xie Yuchen has bad luck that. He is in with respect to not need I worry. " " you are very fierce be afraid of is Yu Chen want rely on to wear later you. " " each other each other. What need helps call me. I am helped take a cup of coffee to give Xie Yuchen incidentally when going back, I went back first. " the car key that Xie Yu Pi shakes Xie Yuchen gave the door. Severe the rank of nobility must admit Xie Yu Pi is argute is an astute heart below eccentric appearance, the whats of Pi of language of leaf of same even if that resemble what she says are done, she also can get the resource with constant in a steady stream. Those severe the rank of nobility spelled life effort, and she what cannot get can abandon however be like our walk on, regrettablly oneself are done not have. When having, Yan Jueye can be convinced Xie Yu Pi , must admit Xie Yu Pi very gifted in some kind of environment.

We must want some time admit oneself are not quite outstanding still, although you try hard hard again, confirmed length of endowment is inside your body brain, your some you can the eye Li Yongyuan of outer person is low-down and puny, what is what can we do? Perhaps take a word to ask his: What is what you want, how do you want to do? Yes, be worth you to go hard for that result, because you want that ability, mere and such.

Best time is fabaceous cardamom seed year, youth does not have care, child child is brilliant, what you encounter perhaps is the most important in lifetime, also moment begins the tomorrow that you look forward to in which. In the time that loses ceaselessly burnish becomes what opposite lives to despise, the world that you are in is not so perfect, what you experience is the ways of the world hot and cold, popular feeling unfathomable, be worth cherished beauty without you? So you so annihilation is in the chasm of the times, your idea, does your story still have your grandiose blue print? Be, who can is content with? Grown is him not only, also be future.