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3 subtle move maintain ovarian do not become yellow face old woman

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Wh[db:标签TAG]t all sorts of pressure are destroying modern woman is healthy, ovarian function also is generation is inferior to generation. OnceOvarian premature senility, the female's beauty and healthy meeting disappear subsequently, consenescence also arrives accordingly. Do not want to turn yellow face into the mother-in-law early, that ovarian maintain serve as oneself routine. Small make up the 3 old strategies that tell you daily attention is ovarian.

Ovarian maintain well, can make facial skin exquisite and smooth, bai Li is fully red, yong Baoren sex and flexibility; Stimulative reproduction and airframe are healthy, adjust and secrete female hormonal, improve bisexual life quality; Bosom is plump, close fact, fruity.

The female in reality is ovarian the incidence of a disease of functional premature senility is higher and higher, so, every female should ovarian maintain put the order of the day.

Ovarian the advantage that maintain

Speak of " ovarian maintain " , must be opposite above all ovarian understand somewhat. Ovarian it is the woman's serious reproduction organ, be located in next abdominal pelvic cavity, inside two side of the uterus.

1, the balance is endocrine

Ovarian and OK generation is mature and but the ovum of be fertilized, still can whole coordinates female reproduction system, secrete a variety of hormone (estrogen, progestational hormone, restrain element, androgen to wait) . These hormone participate in the physiology function of airframe to adjust, maintain internal system balance, maintain female feature and normal physiology metabolization.

2, beautification skin, stimulative secondary sex characteristic

Say normally ovarian concern with female youth, result of estrogen it may be said cannot be done not have. The growth that promotes female accessory organ because of estrogen development, include gland of tubal, uterus, vagina, vagina, clitoris to wait, make the female maintains her secondary sex characteristic again at the same time: Coxal and apophysis of posture richness, breast, perfectly round, shoulder is narrow hip breadth, organ is taper.

Woman skin is smooth, bright lustre, especially adolescent girl, coruscate is worn green glorious, have main concern with the exudation of the estrogen inside body. Estrogen makes skin skin is added thick, resistance increases, make the skin bouncy thereby, luster.

The 3 old strategies with ovarian conserve

Strategy one: Everyday details

1, not overmuch gr上海水磨 上海水磨ound eats sweet food.

Because the body has absorbed much candy branch to create a mood,fluctuate big, arise easilyAngstWait for negative effect.

2, not overmuch ground absorbs salinity.

Cross salty food, outside going against the moisture inside body to go to face eduction, can affect ovarian normal oviposit, serious person can damage ovarian, causeMenstruation is not moved.

3, be far from iciness to wait for excitant food tartly.

Many MM are in often cannot help the mouth, the drink that abundantly eats iciness is ice-cream perhaps, love has vicious woman every eat meal should mix ability to one's heart's content eats piquancy, such dietary habit can be causedStagnation of the circulation of vital energyHematic silt, cold wet move sluggishly, bring about menstruation to be not moved finally.

4, reject carbonic acid beverage.

Wait for bleb beverage like coke, Xue Bi, contain many carbonic acid, jing quivers the absorption with qualitative to calcium human body of this drinkable meeting influence, reduce the digestive capacity of intestines and stomach.

5, eat the food that contains a lot ofcellulose more.

Fiber food can help the estrogen that excessive keeps clear of inside body, because estrogen excessive is caused,reduceTumorrisk, stimulative stomach wriggles, reduce costive phenome上海品茶工作室 上海品茶工作室non. Be like: Vegetable, legume, barley, buckwheat.

6, eat legume food more.

Why to always mention a female to want to eat legume food more? Especially soya bean, fill natural plant hormone effectively to fill inside female body, two-way adjustment balance of the hormone inside body, rise to adjust endocrine action.

Strategy 2: Food maintains

1, maintain ovarianly should take 上海品茶工作室 上海品茶工作室dimension C and dimension E appropriately

Consider to make clear, be like what take 90 milligram everydaySupport oneselfElement C and of 30 milligramVitamin E, suffer fromOvarian cancermachine rate can decrease 50% . It is insufficient that pure support is gotten from inside food, best advisory doctor is so right amount take pill or preparation to complement.

2, additional folic acid

The female raises the food that contains a lot offolic acid appropriately in diet, can reduce a female the occurence rate of ovarian cancer. Often have the alimental woman that contains a lot offolic acid, the machine rate that its produce ovarian cancer will decrease than having woman of folic acid alimental rarely 74% .

Folic acid is the vitamin B of a kind of water-solubility, contain a lot ofat green vegetable, orange kind in fruit and complete corn edibles.

3, maintain ovarianly should pay attention to fast calcic food

Absorb fast calcic food to be able to lower the occurence rate of ovarian cancer every day. Findings makes clear daily absorb tall calcic alimental the occurence rate that the person can compare the person that shoots calcic qualitative inadequacy to reduce the ovarian cancer of 46% .

4, eat carrot more

Have the woman of carrot on average 5 times every week, the possibility that its contract ovarian cancer is reduced than average woman 50% .

5, ovarian maintain should eat omelette less

The female often eats panbroil the egg can increase the risk that contracts ovarian cancer. Because be in the process that has panbroiling to the egg, can bring about a lot of biology active to decompose the formation of child, for example: CholesterolOxide.

These child have very big cellular noxiousness effect, meet especially the endophilicity of ovarian to the female organization causes an effect, meet those who become cancer, tumour cause an agent then, raise the possibility that contracts ovarian cancer. In addition, panbroil, the inducement that the potato of deepfry and bacon also are ovarian cancer.

Strategy 3: Massage gimmick maintains

1, oil of essence of life is massaged

Measure one: Take after bath is clean right amount ovarian maintain essence of life is oily, even daub at abdomen, massage to navel direction take advantage of an opportunity from clavicle.

Measure 2: Along lumbar line left and right sides navel of two side direction is kneaded pressure, epigastrium strengthens diaphragm. Next abdomen strengthen an uterus ovarian area.

Measure 3: Adversary is a center with navel, the clockwise is dark press abdomen, strengthen ovarian absorb.

Measure 4: Take right amount ovarian maintain essence of life is oily, daub is in at kidney Yu, rub comes the bodyCalorificCan

2, daily attention gimmick

1, wipe oily, dot to press either side of the small of the back

2, open inguinal lymph node

3, pull from lumbar border wipe groin

4, abdomen is hit too extr佛山夜网 佛山夜网emely

5, navel all around---On half hit circlet, below half delimit arc

6, lunar press pressure ovarian

7, lozenge cut is made in abdomen

8, attack a vital poin广州夜网论坛 广州夜网论坛t: Below navel 3 inches, by drive 1.5 inches of or so acupuncture point; 3 inches of or so acupuncture point drive by

9, warm palace, dot presses either side of the small of the back

10, pull from lumbar border wipe groin, end.