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Who affected our sexual love?

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  1, sacred, WithoutNational boundaries, eternal life

Eve entices Adam to eat forbidden fruit stealthily, god punished them... god is considered as to object sexual freedom, christian emphasizes, QualityIt is only inside marriage, for the purpose that bear, when rejecting pleasure, just be good. This kind of thought was affecting us thousands of years. Until go up century 669 time, the egghead of western sex revolution oppugned this one view, through theology home the generation of the person such as Augustine takes the place of think what god fights sexual pleasure is homiletic to deduce and come. Sexual revolution egghead asks: God is so beneficent, how is the meeting privative his child civilian the right that seeks sexual joy? We cannot make a telephone call to god, no matter his original idea how, affected us deeply after all thousands of years!

  2, Malinnuofusiji, englishman, 1884-1942

This anthropologist founded school of anthropologic function creed, because his child expenses effect is connected,introduce China and affect Chinese academia for a long time. Martha division is in for years Pacific does field to investigate in the primitive of an archipelago, announced for us上海品茶工作室 上海品茶工作室 of a large number of primitiveSexual life. He tells us, former boy is not want to kill dad to marry Mom, primitive childhood does not have a gender to abstain from at all, sexual early happens and unusual freedom, this grows without the health that affects their soul.

Face Martha division announce, we have to suspect: It is what makes modern becomes didymous the gender is so sensitive, so easy because of the gender " get hurt " ?

  3, dust guest, german, 1840-1902

The first eatsSexologyThe person of the meal, this alienist is the first scientist that regards research as the object sexual behavior, thank him to be us these people hit next rice bowl. The people of dust guest times is certain exclusive and normal sexual behavior is one male one female love marries, live sexual life to bear offspring. The sexual behavior of other, love as the gender, apply cruel and suffer cruel, animal to love, etc, all be crime, law has proclaimed in writing is arrested and punish. Dust guest writes a book to point out, these are transvestism, it is ill, but not be crime, should send into the hospital and not be a jail, criminal law ought not to give a lot of care runs these things.

Arrive to be known illy by the blame to sexual small number of people, it is progress of the mankind.

   4, fuluoyide, german, 1856-1939

He and Marx, Einstein is labelled jointly 3 Jews with 20 the greatest centuries. Fuluoyide thinks the gender is our motivation, so that obtain,advocate depressive sex however " sublimate " . Its most well-known point of view thinks, all boys ever thought the Mom that marries his kills his father, the girl wants to kill mom to be married old father, do so that we wear sincere became confused one, dare not express close feeling. His eyeful full head is a gender, because be called by later generations " extensive sex is talked " , was not dirtied less because of this cap duty. The sexual life that says he changed us only is not exact, his thought is affecting the square respect range that the mankind lives.

     5, Hexifeierde, german, 1868-1935

He is fond of homosexual research, organization " scientific humanitarian committee " , the requirement prohibits in abolish law homosexual clause. He established Berlin sexology institute with private property, and international sexology was founded to meet 1912. All dictator all happen to coincide the ground has a sex absolute, xitele is not exceptional also. Sexology place of Hexifeierde is shut, all collecting books by burn down, he is exiled and exotic, depressed and eventually.

Why does dictatorial meeting fear is the gender free? Very simple: Freedom is a kind of immanent logic, dictator fears the freedom on the gender, the person's freedom, final meeting brings about the freedom of politics and society. On Chinese history, also there is no lack of the person of destinies of such type of heart of He Xifei Er.

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Affect 10 people that we make love

Zhu Xi

  6, Zhu Xi, chinese, song Chao

No less than ought be worn the cap on the poll such as Augustine like going up to sacred head, ought give Zhu Xi's label, confucius gave however since the Chinese is long-term. Say Confucius advocates the gender is abstinency be without a basis, him Confucius is the child of sexual freedom, his old father of 70 years old is in " the meeting of midspring " go up to have sex with his mom of 16 years old, only then have Confucius. The thought that is Confucius of Zhu Xi general undertook deduction with unscramble, make the Confucianist had abstinency color, controlling our ancestor for a 佛山夜网 佛山夜网long time. "Put providential, destroy person desire " , such impudent remark, also only Zhu Xi can speak out.

   7, Kinsey, american, 1894-1956

This studies insect scholar discovers the mankind to be opposite to the understanding be not a patch on of the sexual behavior of oneself originally the understanding of insect sexual behavior, began his investigation then. In time of ten years, he is right the butcher person undertook face-to-face investigation, initiated sexology to consider " individual interview " method. A series of book that publish early or late arouse extensive controversy. Look with present eye, because Kinsey's investigation is not strict sample randomly, all is without academic value but character. But, he initiates action to what sexology investigates, and be opposite at that time the far-reaching influence of sociality idea, not allow to underestimate. Kinsey sexology institute remains the sexology research organization with global influential limits till today. A few years ago, new publication Jin Xichuan writes down those who announced him himself " the gender is free " behavior, make this demit life already close once more the target that the scholar of half century becomes street gossip.

   8, Masitesi peace treaty writing inferiors, american, 1915- is unspecified, 1925- is unspecified

This is we are foregone be opposite one by one only on human history sexology home husband and wife. Go up century the fifties, they are in the lab of Washington university, support an apparatus, look for really male really female volunteer, researcher is surrounded into circuit to look at a family to make love on experimental bed. Meanwhi东莞夜网 东莞夜网le, various instrument appearance undertake whole journey is monitored. Accident degree of finish of the penis, insert time and throbbing frequency, palpitant speed and facial and ruddy waited a moment, one by one record on record. Thank them, let us know what cries " the gender is periodic " , we are aroused about the gender today, quality platform period, orgasm, sex do not answer period wait a concept a moment, they tell us. Very regretful, we do not know those accept the name of experimental volunteer, they are affected likewise to our sexual life tremendous.

   9, Fu Ke, french, 1926-1984

Fu Ke is one of ideologist with 20 centuries the biggest impact undoubtedly, although he himself dies before one's death hind wide all the time suffer doubt. Will strictly tell, fu Ke is not home of a sexology, however a philosopher. But he is right of the gender elaborate the profundity that has philosopher however. Fu Ke thinks, mental metric system decides a fault, sick is not now the person in bughouse, however civilized. It is reason " mad " , is not mental person mad. The sex of angle look upon of force of Fu Ke as a matter of expediency. Think the society is omnipresent to sexual control, people lives in " panoramic open inspects a jail " in. All sorts of "Sexual allergy" not be abnormal not only, and it is normal choice. Fu Ke loudly appeal to the public: The society is less to the interpose of personal sexual behavior, the society progresses more. Fu Ke's thought to go up the sexual revolution of 669 time offerred the century strong academic support. Fu Ke's free to the gender view earnestly 东莞夜网 东莞夜网practise what one advocates, die atAIDS, year only 57 years old.

   10, child of wave bend over, french, 1908-1986

Child of wave bend over is the Chinese's most familiar female creed person, but to us female creed the influence of sexual life puts in her body 's charge to go up, it is too egregious to her praise and honor really. Female creed is a huge a group of people of same interest, we can be a delegate with child of wave bend over only. Female creed challenged 2 minutes of mode of the men and women, weighing a woman is not be born and be a woman, however by fashion into woman. Woman and man are had equal the right, also include sexual right naturally. Today sexual revolution of China cannot the contribution of thought of creed of evasive west female, because if the woman does not rise revolution, man one-sided thinks sexual freedom does not enjoy.

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