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Archaic person gives 4 advice of modern

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Husband and wife a magic weapon of 3 great passion [db:标签TAG] Husband and wife a magic weapon of 3 great passion

Medicine thinks concupiscence is excessive in, the essence that injures a person, gas, magical, and the treasure that essence of life, gas, god is a person. Sexual life is undeserved and excessive, medicine says in for concupiscence excessive. Concupiscence is excessive besides often can send sexual dysfunction, still cause the main factor of internal lesion caused by overexertion of caustic of human body empty and premature senility.

Because " essence of life " can get angry " " , "Gas " can unripe " god " , want preserve one's health, should protect its first " essence of life " , "Essence of life " enrage completely strong, energy of life is strong a divine flourishing, magical flourishing criterion body be good at, personally be good at and little affection. Inside criterion apply of the five internal organs China, skin outside moist, appearance glorious, old but vigorous. Accordingly, home of preserve one's health is 3 treasure with energy spirit look, and especially with " essence of life " for treasure.

It is treasure with essence of life, want ring above allConcupiscence injury. Forefathers has a lot of practice experience:

The sexual skill that harmonious husband and wife knows surely

A findings report makes clear, in our country married person in the person that has 46.7% alternates sometimes sex means, the person that has 7.7% often alternates sex means, both addition exceeds half the number. Often try to alternate sexual postural husband and wife is afraid far more than hereat. Should say, present person likes increasingly to alternate sexual postural tries, and the manner that such people is right doing is more good-tempered also. How other spouse sexual life more passion is harmonious, raise what action female likes most to caress the unique skill of skill and passionate sexual love for you now:

1, adopt varied caressing method

The feeling of the hand, labial be identical, embrace hold in the arms, fellow of ear hair on the temples is ground, all these intimate way say to caress, because this is caressed,have extremely extensive activity space, between love associate if can use a hand, with mouth and the strength that use a variety of caressing means to include commutation to caress with any place of the body, natural meeting is brought to people different novelty is enjoyed and conduce to overcome a gender to be tired of.

2, the time that change makes love, place and environment

When can make love 24 hours a day, those always are the husband and wife that night makes love now and then make love when morning, other even midday expect is less than, can make flat sexual life becomes fancy and interesting. Sexology home says, the sex that has planned beforehand often gives a person in order to expect, can enhance sexual excitement, but if things go on like this can make the person feels plodding, and the love that sudden expect is less than can be brought more of passion and novelty experience, because this rises union of these two kinds of circumstances,just be the cleverest way.

Sex place always is not certainly on the bed of the bedroom, on the carpet that can be in a bedroom now and then for instance, also can be even on the sofa of the sitting room in corridor, kitchen, corridor go up with the air station that has cover. If can arrive conditionally on beach, forest and villatic hut and even oneself illicit home car,make love of course and do not hurt decency, natural meeting makes a person more romantic passion. Of course, the change of the lamplight of sex environment, odour, sound and temperature, also meet those who be that warmth passion bring new idea momently.


3, in the gender intimate in commutation sex part

Both sides love associate always should act different sexual role in sexual life, be like active model, passivity, attack and compliant model sexual part, it is male cruel is amiable in that way like father and august father even model, piquant in that way like the son and capricious son part, and female cruel is caressed by every means like the mother and caress son in that way mother and weak in that way like上海品茶工作室 上海品茶工作室 the daughter, delicate daughter part.

In long-term and bisexual association, both sides of male and female often may slant overweight part of a kind of sex, if sometimesSedulousAlternate sexual part, often be in active model the male turns into passivity or compliant model, and the female that often is in passivity turns into active model or aggression, so certain metropolis has more fancy experience and experience.

4, changeUse contraceptiveMethod

Use different contraceptive method to be able to bring different sex appeal to suffer to sexual life, and change these contraceptive methods can bring different new experience. As usual uses the husband and wife that condom uses contraceptive, can try the feeling of external use contraceptive ointment, and use contraceptive tool also can convert in period of time prophylactic of profess to convinced sees a sense how. Although use cond东莞夜网 东莞夜网om to use contraceptive all the time, besides general and homebred condom, might as well choose those who use an entrance or still can take protruding dot, area whorl and belt fragrance and the condom that carry different color try. Anyhow, metabolic ability has novelty, new ability does not produce repugn tired.

5, husband and wife is massaged

In recent years, husband and wife massages fashionable at the world, the national capital such as Euramerican country and Russia has a lot of plans Wen Bingmao's husband and wife massages books to come out. This kind of husband and wife is massaged it is fitness, enjoyment and sexual be in harmony an organic whole, abounded the content of sexual life of husband and wife greatly, it is a kind of sexual life kind that deserves promotion.

The means that sex of husband and wife interacts actually a lot of, do not want a sexual intercourse between husband and wife to be exclusive coital mode toward end, a lot of new sexual behavior way will make our sexual life becomes rich and colorful, and that loses in onefold mode new move that makes we look for the sort of prolonged. Husband and wife is massaged is such namely.

4 advice of archaic a n experienced person:


(one) long life cannot leave sexual life

Sexual life is normal nature of the person, normal sexual life, make male joyous female free, yin and yang is harmonic, good body and mind is healthy. " abide by gives birth to 8 annotation " the cloud: "Huang Di says one shade calls in reliefly, slant shade slants to call in reliefly disease, yin and yang is on bad terms, if springWithoutAutumn, if the winter is not had summer, mix consequently, it is to move emperor to spend. To the line that the person combines hourly, but be content with shut close in order to defend innocent also. Sexual life is normal physiology phenomenon between men and women of that is to say. Bachelorhood (slant namely shade slants Bai Yang) , can make favor mood abominable, even produces all sorts of diseases. The way with strange kind does not depend on a men and women not copulative, and depend on be being spent nevertheless, lest essence of life enrages absurd discharge, in order to keep Ning Tianzhen's spirit.

(2) sexual life cannot premature

Confucius of big ideologist of our country ancient time, educationist ever had said: "Little when, courage and uprightness is uncertain, of Buddhist monastic discipline in lubricious " . Basis " does element ask? Antediluvian and innocent theory " the treatise of the main effect that to the person's growth the physiology process of development reachs kidney, the man arrived 8 years old, kidney gas begins to enrich, gas of the kidney when 16 years old is exuberant, it is corporeal foundation with kidney essence, day the last of the ten Heavenly Stems produces stimulative reproduction functionary, energy spirit is brimmed over with and can outside discharge, two sexual intercourse close, can bear children. But if count on courage and uprightness to fill right now, and sexual intercourse is premature, even sexual life is excessive, can injure essence of life, gas. Be just as the flower in garden, early hair needs first wither. Accordingly, " preserve one's health of handed down from the older generations of the family of 10 thousand family names 4 should " in point out: "Today man, square its are little also, do not 28 and drive daughter, in order to know its essence of life, criterion essence of life is not full and first have diarrhoea, the five internal organs has malcontent place, have the disease " of bad figure the other day, the essence that points out " kidney is insufficient, criterion draw at internal organs of the body, the essence of internal organs of the body is insufficient, draw at marrow, the exhaust of essence of life of reason internal organs of the body, criterion pee drenchs painful, defecate is dry, pith exhaust criterion head use up all one's resources is sufficient soft, lumbar backboneAching. ... its can be long " . Explain sexual intercourse is premature, the growth that affects other internal organs of the body development, produce a variety of diseases even. Generation of our country the Song Dynasty is famous monograph of department of gynaecology " woman encyclopedia effective prescription " in say: "Male although 16 and perfectness, surely 30 and marry; The woman although 14 and day the last of the ten Heavenly Stems (menstruation) to, surely 20 and marry " , "Yin and yang is over solid, be handed in next and pregnant, pregnant and Yo, yo and its child surely firm Zhuang Changshou... . "Put forward sexual intercourse from the angle of prepotent actor Yo cannot premature, and the advantage of the age of marry at a mature age and marry at a mature age. This and our country " marriage law " formulary marriage the age, the man must not antedate 22 years old, the spirit of the regulation that the woman must not antedate 20 years old is consistent.

(3) sexual life cannot be indulged exc佛山夜网 佛山夜网essive

Document of a lot of preserve one's health emphasize our country sexual life cannot be indulged excessive this one problem. Be like " Yan Shoushu of 3 yuan of counsellor " the cloud: "Anxious many caustic essence, person but treasure person life, regrettablly person personally. Essence of the person that can weigh. Liver essence does not originally, dazzled does not have light; Lobar essence is not filled, muscle is angular; Kidney essence does not originally, perky decrease; Lienal essence not firm, tine sends float to ache. Be like dissipation true essence of life unceasingly, the disease is followed to, death is followed to " . Pointed out sexual life abandon is excessive the harm sex to the body, internal organs of the body. Still point out in the book: "The path of yin and yang, seminal fluid is empty, sincerely and Ning Zhi, not old the day after tomorrow " . Think to maintain essence of life is angry, it is one of important step of the prolong life.

(4) sexual life should avoid somewhat avoid

The ancients thinks, fuddle one's cap, cross him, ireful, scared, metal-inflicted wound did not heal, after waiting, new disease enters a room, can injure the body, cause all sorts of disease to suffer from even, ought to avoid somewhat consequently avoid. Be like " Yan Shoushu of 3 yuan of counsellor " say: "Fuddle one's cap enters a room, enrage exhaust liver injury, marital criterion seminal fluid declines little, impotent do not rise, issue of woman criterion month is decadent, evil blood adj/LIT wide stays, gorge of " of unr上海水磨 上海水磨ipe evil sore, " crosses room room, strain courage and uprightness, flush infiltration large intestine, n/med having blood in his stool when, bellyacke, " of out-of-the-way of ill name bowel, "Ireful in endeavor sex, empty of essence of life enrages exhaust, hair for ulcer; The room is entered in fear, yin and yang slants empty, send faint spontaneous, Ni东莞夜网 东莞夜网ght sweat, accumulate and become fatigue " , "Go on a long journeyTiredEnter a room, was not differred for metal-inflicted wound of " of caustic of empty of exhaustion or lesion of the five internal organs, " and hand in meeting, move at courage and uprightness, metal-inflicted wound rots " , "Bear the person that pee enters a room, faceExsanguineLubricious, or send afterbirth to turn, hilum issues urgent painful dead " . "Typhoid feverTheory " in also point out: "A serious illness is differred newly, courage and uprightness notAnswer, more than heat was not used up, add up to yin and yang by force, name of the person that treat disease says easy " of yin and yang. Above these account, some still has practice sense up to now.