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Harmonious sexual life needs scientific food to assure to maintain the small subtle move of sexual life harmony

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M[db:标签TAG]rrying is a good thing, marry besides it is to have certain love base besides, still can hope to undertake harmony in sexual life respect, especially a few husband and wife that just marry, long to be able to have the honeymoon of a paragraph of happy sweetness. The quality of sexual life suits food to concern greatly. Husband and wife must choose the food edible with high value of a few nutrition, assure constitution and physical strength!

Harmonious sexual life needs scientific food to assure

One, feed thick flavour less

Thick flavour namely fat fat food, if contain the provision with fattiness animal. Fat fat food hurts taste easily. Taste is the fountainhead with u东莞夜网 东莞夜网nripe aerification of essence of life, taste is damaged, air of essence of life is inadequate, advocate the physical strength that assures sexual activity hard. Additional, of surfeit fat fat feed, can ariseDamp and hot, shed classics the part of the body cavity below the umbilicus to cause seminal emission. But feed thick flavour less, not be to teach people system to medium estrogen, androgen al佛山夜网 佛山夜网l is changed by the cholesterol inside body and come. If long-term and maigre, can make sex hormone is secreted decrease, bring about sexual function to drop.

2, much laborious is little hot

Laborious flavour feeds Lv Neng have one's ideas straightened out is life-giving, regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it be good at stomach, have excited effect. And hot food (include wine kind) sexual dry, excitant big, hurt taste easily, not only make " ancestor muscle " break raise, and withCalm the nerves peacefulThe measure such as Ning Xin of fire of annals, have diarrhoea runs in the opposite direction. Want to eat hot sex food less so, Feed moreLaborious flavour food.

3, avoid Leng Jixian

Xian Ke render palatable, but ferry of too salty injury, ferry hurts a bad news god, adverse help this world. Especially middleaged person, in relief gas gradually disappear. The gate of vitality declines greatly, more should the trend avoids cool, even if the summer is not beyond the mark also devouringly cool sex food. Be like water chestnut, "The algiddest gas, the path that hurt this world " . Rabbit meat although can hairdressing, but its " the gender is cool, feed caustic more yuan in relief, caustic sex " . Reason is fed less had better.

4, not choose of partiality for a particular kind of food is fed

Partiality for a particular kind of food can be brought aboutHidebound, and make man spermatozoon is lacked, seminal agglomeration. Many sexual dysfunction patients are caused by partiality for a particular kind of food, their style lack is mixed microelement zinc, copper, suddenlySu广州夜网论坛 广州夜网论坛pport oneselfElement A, E.

5, eat more be helpful for sexual functionHealth carefood

Wait for effective strong choice food like fan of clam of eel, loach, ricefield eel, octopus, clam, ostracean, chief, sea. Soja, bean products, in be like skin of bean curd, beans, soya-bean milk, contain manyAmmonia of essence of life is acerbity, have improve sexual function. Hu Luobo element is contained a lot ofin crab of dairy produce of liver, egg, fish, shellfish, wild cabbage, celery, tomato, yoke, legume, plant is contained in oily, cornmeal, earthnut, sesame seedVitamin E. And vitamin A and E are anile to deferring, avoid sexual function to drop, have positive effect.

Newlywed maintains the small subtle move of sexual life harmony

1, husband and wife is massaged

The sufficient massage between husband and wife conduces to stimulative blood circulation already, can increase sex hormone to release a quantity again, wonderful sexual love inevitable success will come when conditions are ripe.

2, maintain bedroom warmth

Consider to discover, the bedroom is warm, sexual love is better. Bedroom temperature is opposite taller, conduce to hemal dilate, increase the whole body (especially sexual organs) hematic flow.

3, mentally has made sufficient preparation

The sufficient preparation that good newly-married lives is made in mentally; The night that spends newly-married smoothly f上海水磨 上海水磨irst sexual life, prevent urgent disease of the sex after marriage. Scientific treatment Hymen, build harmonious sexual life thereby.

4, carry healthy weight

Weigh or can affect sexual desire too gently too, reduce sexual pleasure. Maintain normal weight to conduce to improvement sexual love is abiding force, still can enhance sexual self-confidence. Can calculate according to body age oneself standard weight.

5, eat enough protein

Absorb enough high grade protein through food, conduce to obtain amino acid, help you finish sexual activity better. The food such as milk of gallinaceous albumen, low fat and milk products, fish, chicken contains rich protein.

6, assure enough sleep

Should enhance sexual love durable power, must put an end to Morpheus to be short of break. The premise that acquires sexual life of satisfaction of husband and wife is to assure enough sleep. The male should avoid to stay up late especially the undesirable lifestyle that waits for influence Morpheus, because Morpheus is most " of valence cheap, efficient hygiene of sexual function " .

7, hold the body active

Sexual love is technical work, it is manual work more. Want sexual love is abiding, energy is indispensable. Want to achieve enough energy, can pass only take exercise daily. Often take exercise can rise endurance and erupt force, rise to promote sexual love the action of quality thereby, the reason is to exercise actively ameliorable sexual love is abiding force and stimulative body blood circulate.

8, before sexual love play knife and fork of avoid by all means

Candle power dinner really times add romance, but eat too oilily too full, bring about easily drowsy, and intestines and stomach can contend for blood with sexual organs. Excessive food may be brought about not onlyDyspeptic, return meeting occurrence dizziness, DisgustingWait for a symptom, affect sexual pleasure. Accordingly, want to have better sexual life, big food avoids before sexual love. Sexual love and exercise are same, the reent上海品茶工作室 上海品茶工作室ry after had better eating a meal two hours goes.