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How does the male retain function power? What to eat to eat fiercer more?

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[db:标签TAG] lot of men very be afraid of oneself " one's very life " lumpish, of try every means want Zhuang Yang. Small today make up introduce a few Zhuang Yang's methods to everybody!

The method of man Zhuang Yang

1, cut waistline. Consider to discover, decrease waistline to be able to enhance sexual desire effectively. Because of lumbar adiposity, ca东莞夜网 东莞夜网n decompose the male sex hormone inside male body, bring about hormone of the male inside body to lack, affect function force then. Every reduce waistline 1 centimeter, androgen level can get rising, man ability " the gender is sent exuberant " .

2, do more crouch greatly. Crouch this movement greatly to emphasize those who take exercise is the muscle under the waist group, can increase the blood that flows to pelvic area, it is relatively easy also to erect.

3, often eat walnut, almond. Often eat containAmmonia of essence of life is acerbitythe effect that food can have promotional male sexual desire, be like walnut, almond. This kind of material can promote what nitrogen oxidizes inside human body t广州夜网论坛 广州夜网论坛o release, rise to loosen blood-vessel and the effect that add blood stream, let erect more abiding.

4, reduceCholesterol. Multinomial research discovers, level of middleaged male cholesterol falls to normal limits hind, sexual desire also can get resumptive, because good cholesterol can promote blood to flow better,this is, enhance sexual desire thereby.

5, observation pee. Whether do glowing ache or other unwell feeling exist when pee? Whether does small at one's convenience have hematic silk? If ab佛山夜网 佛山夜网ove state lasts 3 days above, must see a doctor in time to surgery of secrete make water, exclude sexual organs pathological change.

6, every half an year checks spermary oneself. Every half an year fumbles carefully oneself spermary. The optimal time that checks oneself is when bathing, wen Shui can let scrotum and spermary loosen, go to the lavatory to be checked oneself. Press gently with double handle gently knead every spermary, or roll with the hand they. If discover to there is bump above spermary, be like size of grain of rice, and notAchingFeeling, it is abnormal. If still discover dropsy, spermary appearance changes, inguinal perhaps have keenly feel, also should see a doctor in time.

7, annualCheck-up. Check-up project ought to include blood pressure, cholesterol and testosterone content level. If the numerical value of these 3 examinations is not inside normal limits, must cause height to take seriously with vigilance, adopt effective medical treatment and physical training in time, the sexual life that can let you otherwise sells at a discount greatly.

8, should hold to measurable sexual life

As other 广州夜网论坛 广州夜网论坛as human body organ is same, sexual organs also is " use into useless retreat " . The nerve center that sexual activity dominates in human body is leaving grave head, harmonious sexual life is OK and active the nerve of this place, make leave grave head, hypophysis, the endocrine ability of sexual gland increases, the exudation of stimulative sex hormone, make the person retains function power for a long time. Of course, sexual life also wants somewhat abstemious, the sexual life that lives f东莞夜网 东莞夜网requency can make person occurrence waist bears ache, look not only the unwell symptom such as tired force, and cause sexual function easily disorder, cause evenProstatitis, seminal vesicle is phlogistic andHypertrophy of the prostateWait for a disease.

9, should notice to rest appropriately after sexual life

Some people work by day nervous and busy, feel namely after go to bed in the evening the whole body is dog-tired, halfhearted to sexual life fine long hair, if right now loath of the same branch of a family, will naturally affect the quality of sexual life. The person with these old age, before can getting up sexual life arrangement in the morning. But those who require an attention is, should make the same score after sexual life every time lie have a break, when because make the same score,lying, spermary and heart are in same standard to go up, be helpful for the circumfluence of spermary vein blood, have profit greatly to maintain and restoring the function of spermary as soon as possible.

10, the habit that before nurturance sleeps, should bathe with Wen Shui

The person's sympathetic is in exalted position by day, arrived the person's parasympathetic nerve is in exalted position in the evening. The bath before sleeping can make the person loosens a mood, eliminate diurnal nervous position, make the body more get used to nightly plant nerval to allocate, to improving Morpheus, raise sexual function to all be in benignantly. But those who require an attention is, bathing water must not overheat, the temperature that can bring about spermary not only because of the water of overheat is exorbitant, reduce the function of spermary, the blood-vessel that still can cause the whole body is showing dilate, cause cerebral ministry to offer hematic inadequacy, make the person appears tired feeling.

Finally, introduce 3 dietotherapy to just let you " stand erect does not fall "

1, fry walnutmeat: Have the effect with aperient bowel of filling kidney lukewarm lung, embellish, apply toKidney emptyLumbagoThe foot is weak, or Xu Han coughs the person that asthma reachs constipation.

Practice: Walnutmeat 10 grams, fry sweet chew feed.

Sesame seed congee: Boil with sesame seed and rice, apply to the body frail, benefit at filling liver kidney, embellish the five internal organs.

Practice: Sesame seed 50g, rice 100g, Honey50g. Part rice and sesame seed abluent. Put bowl inside, add clear water, boil congee with small fire, transfer into honey mixes divide evenly is become namely, daily.

2, congee of medlar pig waist: The action of strong waist of essence of this world of beneficial kidney shade, filling kidney, solid, apply to kidney empty strain, sufficient Wei of aching and limp of genu of the lumbar backbone ache of deficient be caused by of all of yin and yang, waist, leg is weak, GiddyTinnitus.

Practice: Medlar 10 grams, pig kidney (go inside film, mincing) , rice 100 grams, a few of green ginger salt, boil congee together.

3, green burns holothurian: Send with water holothurian give priority to with green Chinese onion makings, holothurian filling kidney, beneficial marrow, wei of Zhuang Yang cure.

Practice: Water hair is holothurian 1000 grams, green Chinese onion 105 grams, refined salt, gourmet powder, garlic sprouts, amylaceous, jiang Mo, juice of chicken broth, ginger, white sugar, oily, soy, carry on wine.

Holothurian wash ham scald clean 1 minute; Green is cut paragraph, medium baking temperature turns after big baked wheaten cake heats up spontaneously inside boiler, play very light blue, fry a fragrance to close igneous bail out immediately. Green oil takes inside boiler, firing, add oyster sauce and slip quickly medicinal powder. Clear water pouring water is burned, join holothurian, break up mix even, join wet starch, mix quickly divide evenly; Shang Zhikuai closes after working, good very light blue is fried before be being added immediately, come loose a little bit of salt, give boiler.