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The 27th chapter learns equestrian

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The man's look is taking aggression, cloud and mist of the Song Dynasty is subliminal raise an arm, block was in wind.

Jiang Rongqing complexion sinks, leng Leng breaks below one " quickly " , back down next half pace, "Phut " swing went up door.

Side of side of cloud and mist of the Song Dynasty buzzs to ring continuously, straightening neck stubborn a short while, still sigh eventually, go diceyly changing clothes.

She thinks gas enrages Jiang Rongqing, wore body sportswear at random so, the least bit the meaning that did not dress up for him.

But Jiang Rongqing did not see her more, pull her artifice, do not pull down a floor by defend oneself.

"Where should you take me to go? "Where should you take me to go??

The person is filled in to take a car deputy drive, jiang Rongqing bows immediately, for her clasp safety belt.

She asked vinegarily sentence, the man sits straight body, open a lip lightly, "Again garrulous, I call Bai Tao immediately good-looking! I call Bai Tao immediately good-looking!!

"Do this close Bai Dao what thing? "Do this close Bai Dao what thing??

Cloud and mist of the Song Dynasty is extremely helpless, but also know this man is persnickety absolute, be forced lock thin lip, all the way silent.

Outside car window, high buildings and large mansions is less and less, through the suburb of luxuriantly green of a greenery, stop in ground of a green mattress finally.

"Is this... equestrian field? "Is this... equestrian field??

After getting off, walk into the gate of an archaize, see the courser on greenbelt gallops, cloud and mist of the Song Dynasty is surprised the ground piece dehisce, the mood is a little complex.

"Because heard me last night,you are won't equestrian, just take what will I learn so? Just take what will I learn so??

She slants first, looking at the face of man Leng Chen cautiously, in a low voice asks.

Jiang Rongqing is silent as the grave still.

Cloud and mist of the Song Dynasty licks a lip, have some of uneasy tunnel: "Thank you. "Thank you..

This, he just eventually inclined look askance she is one, did not start to talk, first cold hum, "Need not imagine attraction from opposite sex. "Need not imagine attraction from opposite sex..

"What? "What??

"You are stupid into such, does or else learn ahead of schedule equestrian? How, want to be in a field learn first 9 weeks, delay the film intentionally film plan? Delay the film intentionally film plan??

Jiang Rongqing sound ray is inflexible, complete a pair of unscrupulous merchant about that talks about the business.

Cloud and mist of the Song Dynasty feels he is touched a bitly only fed a dog, also sneered sound, pulling long news channel: "Oh, such before. Such before..

But, she says down his meaning, his complexion stretchs tight more closely suddenly, thin lip became a line with respect to close lightly in a moment.

See glare of ground of his eye not to be pooh-poohed to oneself, frown of cloud and mist of the Song Dynasty, extremely helpless, "How am I offended again river total? "How am I offended again river total??

Leng Leng looked askance she is a short while, jiang Rongqing shakes his head a little helplessly suddenly, next vent one's anger is general, carry the hand gave her firm of a firm explode chestnut.

"Hello! Ache! Ache!!

She is covering the head is accuse, already single hand inserts the man into the pocket, stride long leg, ground of rapid with vigorous strides swung her to go in front.

"Jiang Rongqing! "Jiang Rongqing!!

Gnash one's teeth of cloud and mist of the Song Dynasty is overtaken, very fast, a few Ma Shiying come over, the manner is very deferential.

Listening to Jiang Rongqing to talk with them, this ability knows cloud and mist of the Song Dynasty, he raised 3 horses in this horse field, it is highest grade, get good place time and again on horse race congress.

Boast of equestrian division firm the eye of a Jiang Rongqing, ask he wants to which ride today again.

"Today... " chant of river look Qing Chen is a short while, shoot a glance at cloud and mist of eye the Song Dynasty, open labial way, "Look for to run some slower today, strength is some more moderate. Strength is some more moderate..

"Haw, good. Good..

River always equestrian like all along like greased lightning, love domestic intense horse again, how to turn today quality?

The curiosity in Ma Shixin, saw cloud and mist of eye the Song Dynasty deeply, if this ability thinks of ground laugh somewhat, agree immediately.

Cloud and mist of the Song Dynasty is guided in equestrian division below, go bathhouse has been changed ride outfit.

After coming out, she see nearby, stand to wait for her man beside Bai Ma.

Jiang Rongqing also changed a suit white to ride outfit, his of line figure all the more Ying Ting is good-looking, resemble mediaeval knight.

Nevertheless --

"What to send to stay? Return discomfort to come over! Return discomfort to come over!!

The man's impatient urgent, broke her immediately all illusions.

Heavy next little faces, cloud and mist of the Song Dynasty is stretching tight labial line goes by.

Jiang Rongqing is a severe teacher, teach her to step on stirrup step by step, hold rein, girth exerts oneself to do sth. up, carry next leg mount a horse.

Simple a few movements, she endured rebuke many times.

Aside Ma Shidou shows the expression that sympathize with to her.

Learn mount a horse eventually, jiang Rongqing jumps mount a horse suddenly to carry on the back, lower his head to looking askance she, "Oneself come up. "Oneself come up..

"Ah? "Ah??

"Come up! "Come up!!

"And, ride with you same be equal to? "And, ride with you same be equal to??

Cloud and mist of the Song Dynasty sees a horse, see him again, the movement is hesitant.

Jiang Rongqing is cold face, hold her arm impatiently, carry up suddenly.

"Ah! "Ah!!

A suit of cloud and mist of the Song Dynasty screams, subliminal a series of motions that make start, still do not have reaction to come over, lightsome body has jumped mount a horse to carry on the back, at the same time...

Also sit in Jiang Rongqing bosom.

The man's glowing wind, the clingy back after oneself, his breath is aspersed nearly in her side side, make her auditive immediately red.

His both hands crosses her alar, handholding bridle, at the same time ham places equestrian belly, white horse gallops and go out.

"Ah... "

First time is equestrian run, cloud and mist of the Song Dynasty is nervous unceasingly, whole body is inflexible a few minutes.

"Hold my arm, the person relies on to come over. The person relies on to come over..

Word belt of the man rises blast a thermal current, get into her ear heart, let a person urticantly want to hide.

"You, it is cheap that you occupy me intentionally! "You, it is cheap that you occupy me intentionally!!

She is erect the body, do not agree give in, stubborn ground is accuse.

Light croon laughed at sound, jiang Rongqing does not have a response, swung next horsewhip however, temporarily what Bai Ma runs quickly is faster.

Howl of unheeded advice sound, the line of sight before also blurs into repeatedly, cloud and mist of the Song Dynasty keeps in the jolt on horseback, seem to issue one second to be about to drop.

Closed double key point closely eventually, she holds the man's strong double arm forcibly, the bosom in the man shrinks closely like the small bunny of figure be frighted in.

"Ah, not was opposite early so. Not was opposite early so..

Jiang Rongqing take advantage of an opportunity bit next her ear needles, when give out have one's way hum laugh.

Cloud and mist of the Song Dynasty is biting a lip to death, if it were not for is on the horse, true hate cannot swing two his a slap on the face.

Fleeted intentionally several rounds on equestrian field, jiang Rongqing is occupied enough cheap, just let Ma Man come down, begin to teach her equestrian skill.

Bottom of the heart of cloud and mist of the Song Dynasty is being blocked up at a heat, but for the circus tomorrow, still must learn seriously.

Learned full a day, she did not know to be scolded how many.

To the dusk, mastered a few essentials eventually, at long last this day did not waste.

Since leave on the horse, she is stretching tight face, did not say a word with Jiang Rongqing again.

The man was not a hard job to her again inaccessibly, remand her silent as the gravely also, light before she takes the door abandon: "When taking sport, behave well, do not lose face to me. Do not lose face to me..

Cloud and mist of the Song Dynasty: "... "

The next day, she comes a field, very quickly the staff member is pulled come prop horse.

Bai Tao is an apology first, show oneself consider not, try with respect to mount a horse of cloud and mist allowing a surname next.

Had the experience yesterday, she jumps a horse very easily and go up, the movement is fluent and beautiful, have very much piece in the feeling of female a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct.

Bai Tao praises repeatedly, what say nevertheless is however: "River what always teach as expected is good. "River what always teach as expected is good..

Cloud and mist of the Song Dynasty turned over a supercilious look secretly, ill-affected leg places equestrian belly, tried to run two rounds.

Prop horse passes training, bimachangli's horse race more docile.

At the beginning, everything is very successful.

Can run, that horse resembles suddenly mad same, raise a neck to grow cry, nearly throws her.

"Ah! "Ah!!

She screams, fu body holds Ma Tou in arms closely, jing fetch justs calm, wear soon however that horse runs faster more, bear down on continuously continuously finally a large ancient city wall...